Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My favorite trends off the 2012 Spring Runways

Spring is just around the corner but why wait for the fashions to arrive! Here are some of my favorite Spring 2012 Runway Trends. I like to pick a couple of the latest trends and add a few new pieces to my wardrobe options. And, with so many great options these days in consignment sales and second-time-around stores, you don't have to go broke looking like you just stepped off the runway. Have fun picking out your favorites!

Whether you like to go bold or keep it soft, this springs color trends have you covered. 

My favorites: Cabaret and Cockatoo! 

These head to toe Florals are one of springs biggest trends. Keep it simple with hair pinned up and minimal jewelry.
Prints especially Florals

Roaring 20's 

Drop-waist and Flapper styles mixed with this springs softer hues bring back the 1920's glam. Oh so feminine!

combining Color Blocking with Asymmetrical Hems

                                                                         Get adventurous with this springs Color Blocking trend. So many possibilities with the options of this season.
Polka Dots are always, in my opinion, a spring essential. Try them in one of this springs hotter hues like Tangerine Tango or Socialite Blue.

Pleats in lightweight fabrics are feminine and flirty. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why Being Thin does NOT equal Being Fit

I am tired. 
Tired of feeling guilty because I am a thin person who wants to be fit. 
What is wrong with that!? Nothing! Every single person should want to be and should work every day at being fit. But so many times when I tell people that I am exercising, I feel like they are rolling their eyes and shaking their heads wondering why I think I need to. I need to exercise to strengthen my core, to work my heart muscle, to have more energy and be happy. No, I don't need to exercise to lose weight. Hello! I know that. 
Laying in the hammock in the backyard
with my son on a warm summer day.
I have had this body type since I was born. It is what God gave me, a thin frame and fast metabolism. Does that mean that I get to lay around and eat whatever and still be fit. No!  

My husband and son walking
down a trail, exploring.
Being fit is different than being thin. I want to be able to run after my child and not be completely winded. I want to go on hikes with my husband. I want to climb a small flight of stairs and not have sore, burning muscles afterwards. I want to walk the Portland to Coast with my sister-in-law. I want my kids to see what staying in shape, what being fit, looks like. I want to try to protect myself from diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's and whatever else I can. There is, in my view, nothing wrong with any of that. Nothing to feel guilty about. In fact, there are some very good things there.
So I am going to exercise. I am going tell myself there is nothing to feel guilty about. There is nothing I have to apologize for. I am going to be a supportive friend to whoever wants to get in shape. And I am going to be fit!