Friday, January 31, 2014

Radiating Elegance in a Culture of Magazine Cover Beauty

I love to look at fashion magazines. To see the latest fashions from all the famous designers and how they are being worn. I also love to wander the mall 'window shopping' the latest merchandise. And what woman doesn't like to get 'fancied up' {as my husband would say} to go out on the town. I would also venture to guess that most people love a great bargain! I know I do. Thrift store shopping is one of my most favorite past times. But do the clothes in the mall or in the fashion magazine define beauty? Does the price of something decide what kind of person I am? Who am I aside from the clothes I wear and the price I pay for them? 

Well... I am a child of the one, true God. I am an observer, a listener and a helper. I like simple and traditional looks. I love stripes and polka dots, glitter and ruffles. I strive to be respectful, thoughtful, graceful and elegant.

Let's talk about that last word: Elegant. The dictionary defines Elegant as showing good taste; graceful & attractive; simple & clever; classy & fine. As a woman, these are all descriptive words that I would be taken aback if someone used them to describe me! What a compliment that would be, no? But does that elegance come from what or who I wear? Does it come with the price I paid for what or who I wear? Or does it come from somewhere else? 

I believe elegance radiates from the inside out. I believe you can be the most elegant person in a room in a tee-shirt and jeans if you have grace and class and love on the in side. For those are things of the heart that shine through and people take notice of. 
This is why it is something I strive for ~ elegance ~ and something I will try to pass on to my daughter. What is elegance to you? 


  1. Interesting-the definitions of elegant are different than I would have guessed, not nearly as fancy as I would have thought. I'm not fancy by any means, but I would love to be described as "Elegant."

    Have a great weekend, blogging friend!

    1. Wouldn't it be lovely!? Isn't it interesting how the world can skew things so much that we don't know what is truth anymore! My hope is to give ourselves a new and truth-filled way to see the world around us and thus, a new way to treat ourselves and others. If I want to be known as truly elegant and a woman after God, I have to be armed with the knowledge of what that looks like. Thank you for your comment!

  2. I would love to be elegant, much more than fashionable or pretty. I like simpleness and downsizing. So elegant is perfect for me.