Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Plan:

Hello friends! 
It is a new year and I have a plan. Yes, a plan not a resolution. 
The plan: Get it together!
Get what together exactly? Everything, anything, life. 
All the stuff I have been wanting to try out, to do, to change; this is the year. At least to get the ball in motion in these areas. 
I mean what am I waiting for!? 
Every day is a gift from God not to be taken for granted or to be taken lightly. Go out and put forth the effort. What's the saying? Anything worth having, worth doing is worth the effort. 
Hard Work
These are words to put into action this year. What is the 'stuff' you ask?
More adventures with the kids and husband
More experiments in the kitchen
More experiments in the garden
More attention to the budget
More time with friends
More praying
More God 
More of everything and anything life has waiting for me and my loved ones.
Do you have a plan? What is it? Or, if not, Why not? 

Life is worth the effort. It is worth doing. It is worth having.

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