Monday, July 30, 2012

Visiting A Vintage Gathering

Well, I finally made it to one of the vintage gatherings. I have driven past it the last couple years, always on my way to some other commitment, frustrated because I couldn't stop. Not this year! And boy was it fun! I wish I had had more time to stay and look around, really take it all in, but I had my two little ones and when they are ready to go, everyone knows it.

One of many great vendors, Roost Reimagined
had some beautiful pillows and clothing. 

In my short time though I did get some pictures and met some of the great vendors. Everyone was so nice and the selection of products was unbelievable.  One dresser my mom was looking at only lasted about five minutes and it was sold off to a new home. 

Denise and friend of Junque Soiree were so
gorgeous I had to get their picture. 

And although I did not come home this time with any treasures, you can be sure I will try to next time! I have the bug now and there is no looking back. Maybe some day I will be one of the vendors getting my picture taken. hmmm....!

One of my favorite treasures from the gathering that I wasn't able to
come home with at Mack and Momma. Just beautiful.

So here's to finally making it to A Vintage Gathering and to many more! I hope ya'll enjoy the pictures and join me next time in supporting local artists in their passion for mixing old with new and giving a new life to someone else's junk. 


  1. So glad you made it to our show. Thanks for posting about us!!

  2. Thanks for the post and pictures of our show. Next time, tap me on the shoulder and say Hi! Would love to meet you.