Monday, July 23, 2012

Wasting Not

Waste Not, Want Not ~ If you do not waste things, you will never be in want of things. 
Willful waste makes woeful want ~ Do not waste anything thoughtlessly. 

As I was cleaning out my closet today, tossing a fair amount of old tee shirts in a pile, I thought about these two sayings. Hmmmm.... What new use could these old tee shirts serve now? Then the memory of my dad's rag box in the garage came to mind. When are we never in need of a rag to clean with? There are just somethings to clean that I do not want to use my wash clothes on. Some jobs need a rag you can use and toss. So I decided to take my old cotton tee shirts and start my own rag box.

First step, cutting off the arms.
Second step, cutting tee shirts at the seems. Now each tee shirt has become two square rags.

I have to say, looking at my pile of rags, there is a smile on my face. I did not waste. And I will not be in want or woe next time I have a dirty chore to do. I took something that was going to become trash and turned it into something useful and wonderful. Wonderful in that every time I go to grab a rag from the box, I will smile again at what I have made and how fashionable my chores will be.


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