Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Getting ready for school with Mom's Manager

So, everyone that has a school aged kid knows it's back-to-school time. Time to gear up, stock up and get back to a routine. Well, my little guy is starting kindergarten this year and all this back-to-school stuff is new to me. Okay, yes, I did go to school when I was his age so it isn't completely new to me but, now that I am the parent, this planning out new routines and stocking up on supplies and getting mentally prepared, is new. 
And a little overwhelming. And exciting. And worrisome. And fun. 
Mom needs a manager. 

Well, what to my pleasant surprise, while shopping for school supplies, there it was. Mom's manager. Ready for me to take it home at the sale price of $3.99! A full 18 month planning calendar to keep the whole family on track and together. I am so excited. I love these calendars because you can give each member a color so everyone knows what is going on with who. And, as a helpful bonus, it comes with some stickers to flag certain events and doings. 
I am in love!

Their sample page of how to effectively use
the planner. 
The stickers that came with the calendar.

With our manager in play, I feel like we are ready for school to start. And for our first ever school year start, I hope this helps to keep us organized, on track, on time and, most importantly, sane! What helps you get your school year off to a good start?

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