Friday, November 16, 2012

Inadequacy, a pumpkin and the bible =

Oh how I hate this feeling! 
I really hate this feeling of inadequacy  Feeling like I do not have anything I am really good at. You know, when people say, "I need this." 
or "I want one of those." 
or "I need help with..." 
or "I bet so-in-so could make me one of those." 
the first person they think of is you to get that thing or to make something perfectly special. I struggle with, time to time, this feeling of inadequacy,  talentlessness and/or failure. 
HA! Who am I kidding? From time to time! More like most of the time. Sometimes I cry out to God, as my heart is aching and my stomach is sick, "What gives!? Why these feelings?" 

uggg I sigh.

 I realize I need to get back to the Good Book and let Him remind me of how good and perfectly made I am by Him. 
No, I am not perfect; yes, I am a sinner. 
Yes, I will struggle, my whole life, with feelings like this and more. But He is always there to return to. To reassure me that this fallen world He has conquered.  That this sinner is forgiven. That I do have gifts that He has given to me and, with faith in Him and some hard work, those gifts will soar and maybe change a life. 
Well, at least bring a smile or a warmed heart; a feeling of importance in someones life. 
Just maybe.......
Maybe these feelings are given to us for a reason, to remind us of where our gifts, our talents, come from. 
Given to bring Him glory, not us. We are made perfect, perfectly imperfect. What a beautiful thing imperfection can be! As Thanksgiving comes up, what perfectly imperfect gift or talent has God given you to share with others? 
Are you... sharing? 

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