Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday Card Collage Posters

As I was cleaning the girls room a while back, I noticed a large pile of cards tucked away in a basket. Cards given to her at birth and birthdays that I didn't want to toss. Letting them pile up, however, was no good either. 

I went to the dollar store and bought two white poster boards. When I got back home, I sat down with the white boards, some glue and all those cards and got to work. I didn't use all of the cards; some I cut down and some I toss because they were duplicates. I overlaid  many of them to get in as many as I could. I also glued them shut so they weren't all flying open when I hung it.

When they were finished and dry, I clipped them up on the kids' Dignitet curtain wires that we bought from Ikea. They are perfect for displaying the kids' artwork. (And mommy's in this case!) What I really love about this project is that we can all enjoy the cards instead of having them hidden away and they add wonderful color and joy to the kids' rooms.  

And, bonus, none of the cards have come unglued and they have been hanging up for about six months. What do you think about this project? What have you done with your kids' cards from over the years?

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