Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Marriage - as God designed it

Male and Female. 
There is no question they are different. Physically and emotional, God has made each sex uniquely opposites. Your gender has been given to you by God and, I believe, by no accident but for a divine purpose on this earth. And in our humanness, we can become upset by the opposite-ness of the opposite sex. It can drive us crazy trying to figure out just why exactly they (the opposite sex) do what they do. But we were made opposites so that we may become ONE when we are married. This is how God designed it.  And still, we fight against the maleness and femaleness that God has given to us. 

Women - Stop
Stop trying to do everyone's job. Do you think you will lose your independence and voice if you become a submissive wife as God said to be? Do you desire to follow the plan God made for your marriage? We need to let go of the reigns and give them to our husbands so they can lead the family, as God designed them to. We are not doing the job as the wife and mother that God gave us to do if we are trying to control the reigns which God did not give us to control. This doesn't mean that you lose your independence, opinion or voice and it doesn't mean you are to be walked all over or abused either. To be the head of the house and the family, they (husbands, fathers) are ultimately responsible to God for all God gave them. That is as God designed it for them. God called on Adam, not Eve, when they were in the garden and had eaten the fruit they were told not to. Adam was responsible for what his family did.

Men - Step up
God made you to be the head of your family and the example of Christs love to them. Take the reigns but be humble enough to ask for help from your wife, your helper. 

The man God gave to me and I, his helper in this life.

I pray that we would reflect you and your love by being what you designed us to be and not fighting it or being scared of it. I pray that we would be able to speak openly to our spouse about where we could improve in our own roles in our marriages. I pray we would listen intently and react with truth AND grace. I lift up all marriages to you and pray that you would heal the wounded and broken ones and that they might all be centered on you and bring you glory. In Jesus' name, Amen!


  1. AMEN!!!! I wish that all would read this. Great thoughts.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! Please share if you like. So glad to have you as a follower. : )