Saturday, May 11, 2013

Reflecting on Mother's Day ~ the love and pains

Some were concerned about me yesterday after reading my post. What I want to tell you and what I told them is this - 
First, I am good. Please don't worry about me. (But thanks for checking up on me.)  : ) 

Second, what I said was to not only clear my head so I could regroup and move on for myself but for others who may be feeling that same way. I wanted to be open and honest, especially as a stay-at-home mom, so others could see they are not the only ones feeling that same way. I wanted them to know that even with all those thoughts rolling around in their heads and the feelings in their hearts, life does and will go on and it is still good and lovely. 

Third, I hope that some will read it and realize there is so much more going on inside people than the "I'm good." you get when you ask, "How are you?" We all have stuff we are processing through, not wanting to burden others with every single thing but it is especially heavy on Moms, who not only process through everything for themselves but for their children too. Erin at The Humbled Homemaker wrote about remembering not only Mom but the other ladies in our lives in her post, Rejoicing {and Mourning} with Mothers on Mother's Day.  Erin writes beautifully about the balance between rejoicing with the rejoicing and mourning with the mourning. (Romans 12:15) 

"When I think of my {many} friends who have had miscarriages, friends suffering with infertility–and the mom of my friend who went to be with Jesus at age 17 13 1/2 years ago, I realize this: No doubt, Mother’s Day isn’t very easy for them.
At best, it is probably bittersweet, as some have other children along with those they have lost. But with those around them receiving cards and gifts and corsages and hand claps, it’s likely not a day they can ignore.
And as a Christian, I am called to compassion. Even when I can’t understand their pain, I am called to mourn with those who mourn–even on Mother’s Day.
But should our compassion for those hurting supersede our rejoicing with those who rejoice? For those who can revel in the fact–one day per year–that they have birthed babies and help shape souls daily within the four walls of their homes?" 
Erin goes on and lists ways to love on ALL the ladies in the different stages. It is beautiful and encouraging and grace-filled. On this Mother's Day weekend, I encourage you to consider what I have written and what Erin wrote and see how it might change your heart and mind on how you celebrate not only your Mom but the other ladies in your life. Happy Mother's Day all!
To my Mom ~ I love you! Thank you! for everything I know you have done and the things I don't know about that you have done, Thank you. Thanks to God that you are my mom and my kids' Nana! 
My mom and I in Paris in '09.
To all the other beautiful ladies in my life ~ Those that love on me and my kids like their own, Those that want to some day be a mom, Those that will be mom's soon and Those that have been mom's for little to many years and shared your knowledge ~ I thank God for you. I hope God blesses you for being a blessing to me. I love you all too!

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  1. Thank you Erika. Yes your dad and I were worried about you yesterday. I pray for you, I try daily although I might forget from time to time God knows I still am concerned for you. People may not realize that being a stay home mom is hard too. Just like having a job to go to, you have one that is always there. How do you get a break you tell your mom you need one or even your brother & sister in law and we will be there to give that to you. Or do our best to anyway. Happy Mothers Day to you too Erika. We love you very much. I know I really enjoy reading your posts (except yesterdays) ha. You pour your heart out into them and hope that if it touches and helps at least one people who reads it then you have done what God wanted you to do. It's hard for us to know exactly when the Holy Spirit is talking to us that someone is in need of some kind words or even just a smile. But I would like to think that the Holy Spirit puts this in your heart to write the things you do. Someone out there yesterday might have read your blog that was really hurting also because their mom is no longer here. I hope they all read your blog today and feel better. I love you Erika!