Thursday, June 27, 2013

Small Town Fourth of July and a Backyard BBQ

Last year, my mom, my kids and I spent the Fourth of July with our friends, Pete and Beth. 

They invited us out to Corbett, Oregon to watch the small town's parade which was their annual tradition.  

I dressed Lauren in a handmade dress given to me by my friend, Victoria. Beth and I proceeded to add on all sorts of fun, cute things to Lauren's outfit. Then I tried to get her to sit still for a picture with Nana. (my mom) 

 Not sure if she is happy or crying here but we finally got a great picture!  
 And what else do you do while waiting for the parade to start? Well... 
eat donuts, of course! Pete and Beth were kind enough to bring donuts for everyone and did they hit the spot! : )

When they finally shut down the road, all the kids ran out into the street to play. Trying to get a good shot of Lauren waving the flag...... 

wait for it........

 There it is! I love this photo of my baby girl!

And then, down the road, what do I see!? Here comes the parade of cool old cars, a group of kids on dirt bikes and a.t.v.'s, horses and their riders, firetrucks and police cars! 

And let's not forget Lady Liberty!

After all the fun had at the parade, we went back to our friends house for what else but a BBQ. Hot dogs and hamburgers were on the menu, of course! But Beth also encouraged us to bring a 'patriotic' side dish or dessert. 
Boy, did we have fun with that!

We had watermelon stars and grapes. 

There was a Red, White and Blue salad. It had red tomatoes, red radish slices, crushed blue corn chips, corn, shredded cheddar cheese mixed with (my) garden fresh greens and salsa ranch dressing.

 For a different kind of salad, there was a Red, White and Blue potato salad of red potatoes, red onions, blue cheese and all the yumminess of a potato salad. Oh so good!

 For dessert, we had these precious (and handy!) fruit parfaits in little mason jars. Local farm fresh, hand picked strawberries and blue berries with biscuits, whipped cream and sprinkles! 

 Last but certainly not least, there were hand-dipped white chocolate and sprinkle covered strawberries!

What a great way to spend the Fourth of July, the day we celebrate our independence and freedom. With family and friends at a small town America parade and finishing it all of with good food and laughter. 
So, from Me to you, I wish for a Happy Independence Day this year and ask you to pray for our nation.
God Bless the U.S.A. 
(and you too!)


  1. Happy Independence Day to you too Erika! Are you going to be with Pete & Beth this year too? We'll be at the lake. The management is grilling burgers and hotdogs for all and we're providing side dishes. A love band and fireworks too!

  2. very sweet post- I loved all the pics of the kids & patriotic food. Happy Independence Day! -Matina

  3. That was a great day. That was when Chris and dad went to Mascot in Denamrk and got to see them celebrate the 4th of July!Dad still talks about it!