Friday, March 22, 2013

A Discontent Spirit


I hate days like today. 
Woke up this morning with a discontent spirit. This happens every once in a while. I just wake up discontent and I am frustrated all day. 

Discontent in my home. 
Discontent with where I am at in life. 
Frustrated that the desires of my heart are not met. 
Frustrated that I feel like I am doing things right and getting no where while others who are not doing things right get what they desire. 


Just so discontent and frustrated!
And while I am at it, I feel irritated at the fact that I am so discontent and frustrated about these worldly pursuits! 

You know better, Erika! 

That is why I hate days like today. I try to keep my mind and hands busy doing chores around the house and try to fit in something I enjoy like making cards. But the only thing that really helps on days like today 
(and, well, always) is praying to God about my discontent spirit and giving it over to Him. He is the only one that gives us true joy. On days like today, when I feel like I only have a single, little shred of joy left, I cling to it and my God with all I have! 

1 comment:

  1. There are days like that. You can't put your finger on the exact reason, but our human spirit creeps in there doesn't it? And you're right, only God can take it away and let us know how valuable we are to Him.
    Hope things are better for you tomorrow.