Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Television Wisdom Wednesday: Back to Basics

From the show Duck Dynasty:

Willie Robertson - 
"Change is a good thing but sometimes you gotta go back to the basics." 

When I read this quote, I think about the news lately on all the added junk in our food and water supplies and all the chemicals in our cleaning and beauty products. I think about all the tech devices our kids are using to learn with instead of a pencils and paper and hard cover books. I think about the fact we have buildings with exercise equipment and such called gyms where we go to get fit when God made us a big, wide world to explore and use for staying fit. This weeks television wisdom makes me think about a lot of stuff. I like it!


  1. Yep. I agree. I went to a knitting group last week while in Portland and one of the ladies was talking about some cleaning products she sells with no chemicals in them. (They worked too!). It got me to thinking of the things I use to clean and it shocked me at the umber of chemicals I use in my house. I determined to change that. It's amazing what hot water and "elbow grease" will do.

    I agree with your other observations too. I'm trying to make some changes, albeit slowly.

  2. Good observations! Usually, 'natural' is the best choice!

    ~ Violet