Monday, March 18, 2013

Thrifting Find!

Oh, do I love thrifting! Perusing the racks at thrift stores, searching garage sales in the warmer months and sometimes even sifting through bins of miscellaneous stuff, all trying to find that really great deal. Well, this weekend I found me a great deal! 

I went shopping Saturday with my mom and friends for a girls day out. At one of the thrift stores we went to, I found this treasure hanging unassumingly with the other handbags. 

Proof I wasn't making up the
really great deal I got! : )
This beautiful robins egg blue leather handbag is a Cole Haan and I picked up for $3.49 plus tax. Yup, $3.49! Of course, when I held it up for my mom to see, (with a big grin of accomplishment on my face) she just looked at it and said, "That's cool."  I said, "That's cool!? It's a Cole Haan.... for $3.49!" Again, a shrug and look of  "that means what?" She does not pretend to know about name brands but does care about looking nice and getting a good deal like I do. (Well, to be honest, she is the one who taught me all about it! Oh, the many thrifting trips we went on when I was growing up!) So, while others pay full price for beautiful items like this, I wait. I wait until they have gotten their use out of it and they pass it on. And, hopefully, I will find it and get it for a ridiculously great price! 

Do you have any great thrifting finds? Share! I would love to hear about it. 


  1. I have found the best deals in a little thrift store in Montana named the Good Samaritan. I once found 2 dress shirts, (never worn), for Dennis with the original price tag still on,that said $195.00 each. I paid $1.00 for both! Great find! I never leave that store without some treasure. Another time I found a crystal butter dish there for $.25, yes, that's 25 cents! I took it to an antique store here in Spokane to get an idea of it's value. $125.00. Yippee!

  2. What a great find! That blue bag is so pretty and is in my favorite color!

  3. Seriously...that is awesome!!! I would be super happy for that, too!! Love Cole Haan's stuff!!

    I have found some awesome finds as well in the thrift stores. The plus sized consignment shop that I frequent has a wide range of brands (from Wal-Mart to Jones New York or even Coach). Anyways...last summer she posted online that she had a pair of Dr. Martin Mary Jane shoes for only $20. She didn't understand why I rushed down to get them. I explained (after I paid my $20) that these shoes brand new are about $100. These shoes were used...but looked almost band new on the outside. One of my best finds yet!!