Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Random Photo: A Man and an Ice Cream Cone

Oh friends, life has been crazy, busy lately. Husband started a new job. Before he started that, we took five days and drove down to see his dad and step-mom in Nevada. Soccer started for my six-year-old and guess who is his coach. His dad. And, I have been blessed to be working 3-4 hours a day from my home for a couple friends' businesses. Our schedule has been changing almost daily the last couple of weeks, making it a wee bit hard for me to get into a good routine. (And I need a good routine!) With school starting back up in a week, the schedule around here will yet again need to be adjusted. I have to say, though, I am thankful to be able to ease into working again while being at home with the kids. I am not sure my sanity or my kids' behavior would have survived me going back to work out of the home. 

Anywho, you are probably wondering by now what ANY of that has to do with this picture. Absolutely nothing! : D That is why I picked it for today. With all that stuff going on the last couple of weeks, I have realized that one needs to stop and take an ice cream cone break. Or lay in the hammock. Or go for a walk. Or watch the sunset. I think you get the picture. There will always be work to do, chores piling up, kids to corral, bills to pay and media sources to steal our attention. When I saw this man while on vacation in France, I stopped in my tracks. I thought, "I love it! Check this guy out just chillin' with his ice cream. (No pun intended!) I have got to get a picture of this!" Who knows what he was thinking of the crazy tourist lady taking his picture but I had to have this shot if only to remind me that the real peace and joy in life comes when we can kick back, relax and enjoy the simple things. Like an ice cream cone.

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  1. Yes Erika. Remember this on the hectic days. Your little ones will only be little once and then they'll be grown and gone. Take the time. I wish someone would have told me this when our kids were small. I was always busy. Too busy, I think. I hope and pray that they'll forgive me for that.