Thursday, September 19, 2013

End of Summer Outdoor Movie Night

We walk with our friends to the outdoor family movie night. Kids are running around playing tag as we relax in our chairs and enjoy some snacks. 

The farm putting on the family movie night grills up some hot dogs for the families. We eat our free hot dogs and popcorn while the band plays jazzy tunes.

I visit with my friend while the boys go on an adventure around the field.

Kids tell on the cowboys at the 'shoot out' in the little western town. More fun to be had as the cowboys take pictures with the kids dressed in cowboy costumes.

Anticipation grows as the DVD player gets set up......


And, at last, the sun sets and the movie starts. Monsters, Inc. plays as the evening breeze carries with it the scent of popcorn and the laughter of friends and families. The kids and I snuggle under the blanket.

What a wonderful way to say goodbye to summer time - with friends and family and the stars in the sky!

Thank you, friends, for a wonderful evening! <3

*Pictures taken with my cell phone. Not great quality but still precious! : )

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  1. Wow! So much fun! Simple pleasure in life are truly the best.