Friday, September 27, 2013

Random Photo(s): Autumn in France

Such a lovely trip to France my mom and I took in October of '09. I thought I would share some of my photos that display the early Autumn beauty. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

The courtyard at the offices of a wine producer in Chablis, France. 

The church and the beautifully gated entrance to a private residence in Vezelay, France.


Looking back at Chateau Versailles.

Queen Marie-Antoinette's estate and gardens. 


Love the lamp posts!

The girl in red walking along the Seine. 

A gray Autumn day in Paris.

The grape vine leaves changing colors. 

Mom and I at the vineyard in Montmartre.


  1. Ah memories! Dennis and I spent a lovely week in France a few years ago. We stayed in Montmartre and also visited Versailles. Thank you for your lovely pictures.
    We've arrived in Portland just in time for the monsoon weather!

    1. Yeah you did! Crazy weather we had last weekend. But we were out there at
      9am Saturday morning watching Bryce play his soccer game. Boy, was that a laugh! A bunch of six year olds running around in the rain and mud. None of them could focus.
      I can not wait to go back to France! There was just something magical about it! So lovely and so much to see and do. And that is just in Paris! : )