Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Goals in One Word: Prepared

A friend of mine asked her Facebook friends to describe their goals for the new year in one word. For me, that word is Prepared. I had already been working on my goals list for 2013 before she posted the question. So when it was asked, I read through my list and that is the word that came to mind. I need to be more Prepared
For what, you ask? What ever might come. 
There has been a lot that has happened the last couple of months that has me thinking about if I am prepared for similar situations. Hurricane Sandy. Long black outs. Unexpected and sometimes extreme weather conditions. Shootings. Economic conditions. For me, to be prepared for these and other happenings that might come our way that we cannot foresee, I want to cover the bases. 
First, prepare the soul. Prepare the mind. This, for me, means getting back to the Word of God. Make it more a daily part of my life and my families. I am saved. I know where I am going when I die. What I want to carry more of with me everyday is how He says to handle what ever comes our way, good and/or bad. 
A bright new year is here!
Second, prepare my home life. As 
many have said as did the wife of one of my pastors, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without." Declutter. Simplify. Waste not. Make more of the home space I am given: gardening, crafting, teaching my kids, cooking. Get the household debt down. Use more cash. Be more thrifty. Also, as a part of preparing the home, stock up on first aid and survival, self sufficiency gear. There seemed to be too many that weren't very prepared for all the different weather conditions and help was taking too long to get to people in some cases. I am taking that as a lesson to us that we need to be better prepared to fend for ourselves and not so dependent on help coming or the stores having enough for everyone.  
Last, prepare my body. Get physically fit. Walk more. Jog more. Play more. Use the resources available to workout from home. Eat less junk and 'boxed' foods and more from scratch, hand made, fresh foods. Take more vitamins. Learn more about essential oils and herbs; natural remedies. Learn to be more aware of my surroundings and the people around me. Learn how to protect myself and my kids if the occasion should arise that I might have to. 

Well, there it all is. It might seem like a lot but, really, when it is written down as a check list, it isn't a lot. A check list should have details under each category so the bigger goals are broken down to be more manageable and attainable. I like a check list, no matter how long, because I can choose one item a day or five, depending on how I am feeling, and mark it off when it is accomplished. Then, as more and more are marked off, I can look at how far I have come. I have proof that I am moving in the direction I wanted to. And, as I think of more, I add them. Just more that can be accomplished. 

So what do you want to accomplish this new year? What one word sums up your goals? I wish you luck in your adventures this year! I look forward to sharing mine with you. 

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